Good Article Writing Stage for Website

The website is different from books. When people browse websites, they usually don’t like to read articles that are too long. This is the biggest problem of website and blog owners. Already tired of making articles, no one reads until it’s finished, then no one visits the website. Finally, their article failed to get a ranking on Google. Even though you have learned about SEO. But don’t worry, there is a solution. In this guide, new york seo will teach you how to write articles that are not boring for website visitors. Let’s start.

1. Learn about the character of prospective readers

Different topics, enthusiasts also different. Young people, adults, the majority of men, the majority of women, and others. For example an article about “finance” maybe the reader is aged 25 and above. Then the article about the interesting game is younger. So the way to write it is also different. What do we have to learn about the characters?

The goal is that you can adjust the content of the article, especially the writing style with the character of your reader. In other words, so that your article is easy to read. So that readers don’t get bored. For example, if your readers are mostly young people, you use more relaxed language. If you are stiff, they will feel weird. If so, they will leave.

2. Fly the reader with an interesting title

Did you know that there are 100 people who come to your website, 80 people will read the title of the article. But only 20 people continued reading the contents. This means that you lose a huge potential reader. Try to remember again when searching on Google. What makes us choose one website? The title, right? So our battle starts with the title. If the article is good, no matter how good, if the title is bad, no one will read. If we talk about ranking. The title is also one of the biggest factors that will make your article ranking on Google high.