Do These Five Things Before Join the Charity Run

The existence of a charity event is indeed an arena for some people to exercise because some charity events now do have a form like a race and so on. With the charity event, you can meet many people and certainly be healthier. However, the important thing about the charity event is who organized it. Daniel Ballerini has experience in organizing the event and will help you make it.

However, for anyone who will take part in a race and aim for charity, there are a few tips you can do.

1. Don’t stress
The more thought, usually the more stressful. Generally, people are afraid of being the last finish. Don’t worry – it’s not like that, really. Five kilometers is the distance that almost all healthy people can just finish. Because of this, this competition attracted people of various abilities or fitness. You could even find people walking from beginning to end.

2. Know the location of the race
Instead of panicking in the morning because you can’t find the location of the race, it’s better to find out the location at least one day before. This will help you in the future to find out the location.

3. Come early.
You are expected to arrive at least 30 minutes before the race. This time you can use to go to the toilet and warm up. Remember, immediately starting to run without adequate heating can cause injury. If the competition is big, you should set aside more than 30 minutes to, for example, look for parking or even as simple as finding access to the race location.

4. Don’t forget hydration.
Even the distance of 5K still has to do hydration. Drink a little before the race. Drink also during the race and afterward.

5. Don’t be driven by the pace of other runners.
Law in all running competitions regardless of distance: Run according to your pace. Don’t compare yourself to others because your strength is clearly different.