Easy Ways When Moving Office Items to Self Storage

Moving an office is an exciting thing for everyone. New rooms, new atmosphere, new environment, new places, and even new social life certainly make everyone excited. However, when preparing for packing to move various items to the new office, sometimes the office is not fully ready to be occupied. While your items must be moved immediately. To overcome this, many storage places companies provide self-storage to temporarily accommodate important items that are easily lost or stolen. You can rent self-storage with the smallest size or large size to accommodate office furniture.

Moving an office is not as easy as moving a house, because various equipment and items in the office are all important things that must be stored properly. One of the mistakes in packing office items is that they are not neat and make some items and files lost. In order to avoid this problem, let’s prepare the following when packing to move offices!

Even though all the items have been prepared for packing neatly, basically you and the team will not be able to remember all the objects and items that you have, right? Therefore, it’s good to record all the items that you have and record the location and box where you put them in a spreadsheet. This will really help you to calculate and recheck all the items that you have.

Sometimes, because the items that will be brought too much and lack of human resources to regulate them, the occurrence of broken goods due to lack of prudence is difficult to avoid. Therefore, to avoid this, make sure from the beginning you have separated the glassware that must be considered. Even though most of the items should belong to several boxes, it is better to separate the glassware into one to minimize the occurrence of damaged or broken items. Although it looks simple and solid because it has been arranged neatly, but make sure every item has been wrapped in paper or bubble wrap that is safe.