How to choose a good air conditioner and according to your needs

A variety of the best AC brands sold on the market. But only a few service services can master it, including aircon service. Each brand has its own superior features and different prices. The number of choices sometimes makes consumers confused when choosing it. Especially if the consumer does not have experience buying the AC before. Do you plan to buy a new air conditioner in the near future? Want to buy a new air conditioner for your bedroom, living room or office space? Before buying air conditioning, you should find out in advance the size of the room that will be fitted with new air conditioners. How to choose the right AC is to adjust the size of the AC AC with the area to be occupied. PK size is adjusted to the area so that the cold temperature of the air conditioner can spread evenly. Room measuring 10 m2 compatible with AC ½ PK, 14 m2 with AC ¾ PK, 18 m2 with AC 1 PK, 24 m2 with AC 1 ½ PK, and 36 m2 with AC 2 PK. If the area is more than 36 m2 then you can consider buying more than one AC.

Did you know that AC turns out to have different types? Each type has its own advantages. A commonly used for households is Split AC. Before the AC Split, its predecessor was the AC Window which is now very rarely sold on the market. For office buildings, you can choose Split AC or ceiling mounted AC Cassette. While for shopping centers and hotels usually use Central AC, the compressor is very large. If you want to have a moveable air conditioner (usually for the purposes of the event), then the AC Standing can be the right choice for you. Nowadays, many AC manufacturers are promoting their products which are said to save electricity. As consumers, we do have to choose AC that saves electricity so that the electricity bill does not swell. Before buying air conditioning, do not hesitate to find out the electrical power consumption (Watts) of AC to be purchased.

Even if you buy air conditioning that saves electricity, it does not affect AC performance in cooling the room. Even for the bedroom, you can buy an AC that saves electricity when combined with an Auto feature that can make the air conditioner turn itself off when the room temperature is cold and turn on automatically when the room temperature starts to heat up.