Know More About Scoliosis And How To Choose The Right Treatment

The human spine is one of the bones that is very important in the anatomy of the human bone because it has many functions, especially to uphold the body. The spine or spine is composed of 33 bones called vertebrae. 24 bones are separate bones that allow movement and 9 of them are joined together. When finding, you will then know that spinal solution is now yours so that you don’t need to worry about even the possibility of worse conditions of your spine.

These vertebrae maintain spinal cord and allow us to stand upright and bend. A healthy spine, if seen from the side, has a soft curve. The shape of the curve helps the spine absorb pressure from body movement and gravity, and from behind, the spine will look straight down in the middle of the back.

Scoliosis is most commonly found in late childhood or before adolescence when children grow rapidly. Women are more often affected by this condition than men. The symptoms are the body is leaning on one side and has uneven shoulders and hips. sometimes these symptoms are obvious but not always.

What did you know about scoliosis? For your information, a person suffering from scoliosis, his spine will look like an S or C-shaped letter that is excessive when viewed from the side. Medical experts do not know what is most causing scoliosis in adolescents. However, these experts know that scoliosis tends to decrease in families

Children can be examined for scoliosis or not at school or during check-ups. If it looks like there is a problem, the doctor will look at the medical records and history of the family disease, physical exercise, and imaging tests to make a diagnosis. Handling depends on age, how much chance the person will grow, how big the curve is considered abnormal, and depending on the curve will be temporary or permanent. Patients with mild scoliosis only need a checkup to see if the curve is getting worse or not, while for scoliosis that is considered severe requires the use of a support wire or surgery.