Know Whether Or Not Brunch Good for the Health

So, do you still have the doubt to choose best vegan brunch nyc ? Sleeping longer during weekends often makes someone have breakfast later in the day. As a result, not a few people combine breakfast and lunch, which is known as brunch.

The term brunch comes from English. This is a combination of the words breakfast and lunch, which means combining breakfast and lunch to eat at one time.

Lately, brunch is increasingly popular, especially among western people. How not, if you eat brunch, it means you can combine two meals at a time, so you only have to cook one time. In addition, this habit can also save time.

A little relax and enjoy the occasional brunch might not matter. However, what if this is done too often? Are these habits healthy?

According to experts, there are some negative effects that might occur if someone skips breakfast and goes straight to brunch. One of them is the reduced nutritional intake that can be obtained from breakfast, especially protein, carbohydrates, and fiber.

Because of skipping breakfast, people will tend to feel more hungry because they ‘fast’ longer. As a result, they will ‘go crazy’ during brunch and tend to eat large portions.

That makes people who eat brunch less prudent when choosing food menus and portions. As a result, in addition to increased body weight, sugar and fat levels in the body can also increase.

Make sure you always choose the right menu that suits your body’s needs. Actually, brunch is okay. The condition is that you must remain wise in managing portions and menus so that the body stays healthy and the scales do not shift to the right. If you are forced to brunch, make sure you reduce foods that are too fatty and fried. Also, avoid foods that are too sweet and salty. Instead, multiply the consumption of vegetables and fruit.