The common behaviors of the introverts

Scientists say that someone with introverted personality traits is more likely to have a small group of friends. While extroverts are just the opposite, they generally have a wide network of friends. Introverts are more careful in choosing friends, it does not mean they are picking friends, it’s just that they are friends not only just, but more than that, making friends for introverts is building relationships or relationships that are more meaningful with others. Apart from that, perhaps you should visit this introvert dating website if you’re interested in having a date with the lovely introverts on the internet.

Therefore, even established friendships tend to lead to very deep relationships for introverts.

Introverts prefer conversations with a few people, but with the deep discussion. They prefer meaningful conversations rather than pleasantries.

This does not mean that introverts only want to be friends with introverts, but they can also make friends with extroverts. In contrast, extroverts tend to prefer to choose friends from extroverts too.

There are times when introverts are able to spend time alone at home while reading books, listening to music, or doing other hobbies at home. He will not feel bored with these things. He actually became more excited and could focus more after spending a lot of time alone.

This is very different from the behavior of extroverts who generally want to always spend a lot of time with many people, and feel bored, bored, or even not excited when they don’t meet many people.

According to some studies, introverts tend to be easier to focus (concentration disrupted), especially in crowded environments (many people). That’s why, why those who are introverted sometimes need more time and a calm atmosphere and not too crowded.

An introvert tends to think first before talking, while extroverts instead. Introverts want to first fully understand something before they express their opinions or explain it.

Introvert learning through the observation process. While an extrovert prefers to express his opinion directly, and learn through the trial and error process.