Guest posts and google facilities for blogging

One of the difficulties that will be encountered after creating a blog is to make people know. Your steps may stop a little because many competitors or competitors who already have a name. As a result, your post takes time to appear on the number one search engine page. On the other hand, visit  click here

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But don’t worry, there are always ways to get people to read your posts. Making guest posts is one of them.

Guest post is a form of posting that is carried out regularly by most bloggers, writers, and business owners.

The basic idea is to publish a content in which a link or link is embedded that leads to your blog. Surely this content is published on other websites. Two benefits that you can get by doing guest posts are:

Your blog’s SEO ranking will increase due to a link to your website that is embedded in other sites.

Increase organic traffic for your site.

In addition, don’t forget to activate Google Analytics.

Monitoring your site’s traffic is one of the most important steps for successfully creating and online blogging.

Knowing and knowing your audience and what they want can make your site a step further.

And the best tool to overcome this is Google Analytics. This tool tracks visitors, their behaviors, other types of social metrics, and much more.

Fortunately, this software is free so webmasters can easily track and find out what their readers want or their blog visitors.

If you create a blog on WordPress and want to activate Google Analytics, then read our article first.

Next, submit new content to Google. Every day, thousands of new websites are created and automated. And surely the number of new posts and articles can reach millions.

With such facts, Google and other search engines need more time to index the new content that you publish. The good news is that there are ‘shortcuts’ that can be used so that your articles can be indexed faster by search engines.