Know these tips for maintaining your cars

Every vehicle brand is certainly made with technology, innovation, and different driving designations. So always pay attention to the manual that is definitely included when you buy it. A good practical name is to replace the oil filter regularly, every 3,000 miles or every 3 times after changing the oil. In the meantime, visit if you’re looking for a reliable car rental company.

Check All Liquid Substances in Car Engines

Essential substances or materials in the engine include brake fluid, power steering oil, engine/transmission/axle oil, washing water for windshield wipers, and radiator water. All types of liquids are very important for the safety and performance of your vehicle. Do not neglect to pay attention to all the elements of this liquid, because a little mistake can have very bad effects on vehicles, especially machines.

Check the Battery

Check the battery cable poles and clean if there is corrosion as needed. The battery must also be checked and filled if it is lower, except in the case of a free maintenance battery. The use of batteries is also very important to note because the battery is the “life” that triggers the “life” on your car’s engine.

Whether you use MF batteries/dry or wet battery types, everything should get the appropriate attention. For example, if you use a wet battery, when you forget to refill the electrolyte fluid, the battery cell can burn and cannot store electricity anymore.

Unlike a dry battery, where you no longer need to fill the liquid – but the dry battery is easily damaged if it has already dropped or does not get enough charging current while the user is greater, so you do not use excessive electrical power such as a large Power Amplifier or additional power lights big unnecessary. Especially when the engine is not alive, avoid playing audio with thousands of watts hard then the battery can drop. What is the effect on the engine? the result is clear and everyone knows that if the battery is overturned then your car cannot be distorted.

Well, specifically for certain brand new Injection / EFI cars, it can’t be empty / not get electricity from the battery even though the engine is turned off.