Comparison Between Granite and Soapstone as Material Countertops

The kitchen is not a monotonous place that is only used for cooking. Now every detail of the decor is given the same importance as the other rooms, even though its main function is a place to cook. Even people consider the pros and cons of choosing any kitchen furniture. When seen, kitchen decor is more varied, especially with the use of natural stone on countertops. Granite and soapstone countertops are the top two choices in decorating countertops.

Speaking of granite and soapstone, for those of you who are still unfamiliar with the use of natural stone, it must be confused about whether it is better for soapstone or granite? To overcome this confusion, we will review soapstone and granite in the use of countertops.

– Soapstone countertops
Granite is always an option for kitchen countertops. However, after people began to find out about soapstone countertops, they began to switch from granite to soapstone. Soapstone is an impenetrable metamorphic stone. This stone consists of chlorite, magnesium silicate, and powder. Soapstone which has more talc content will feel softer. The main advantage of soapstone is stains that are easier to clean and heat-resistant materials. Because the kitchen is one of the places where food is easily spilled and creates stains, then with soapstone, homeowners are sure to use soapstone will be easier to clean. Its heat-resistant properties make the surface not easily damaged. In addition, if there are scratches that appear on it, only need to sand to restore as before.

– Granite countertops
Granite is the hardest and most porous stone. Granite is a natural stone consisting of various types of minerals such as feldspar, mica, and quartz. The main advantage of granite is that it is very strong and durable. The possibilities are very thin to be scratched and have a higher aesthetic value. Granite is available in the lowest to the highest quality. This will affect the price issued. But granite countertops cannot use any cleanser if stained. Must use a special granite cleaner so that the color does not fade.