What to Do If the Family is Addicted to Drugs

When a family member becomes a drug addict, the effect is definitely spread. Not only the emotional, psychological, and social aspects of the user, but also the closest people. For this reason, awareness of educating yourself with correct understanding can help you deal with and anticipate circumstances. To avoid any unwanted issue and more serious effects of drug addiction, make sure you will go for drug addiction treatment center. With the proper treatment, your loved one or anyone who is known as addict ca have the bigger chance for the whole healing, right?

Why are dangerous drugs so attractive? Narcotics make users feel very happy, due to a surge in dopamine and serotonin released by the brain beyond tolerance. While addiction, often occurs after repeated drug use – usually more than a year, thus damaging the system and motivational receptor circuits and rewards in the brain. Although some types of drugs – like cocaine – can also cause addiction after reaching a certain dose.

Symptoms of drug withdrawal appear when the use of drugs is suddenly stopped. While overdose is an overdose of the drug until it becomes toxic. The process can be sudden, when the drug is consumed in large quantities, or gradually, when the drug is formed in the body for a longer period of time. Both almost have the same effect, including memory and respiratory disorders, decreased alertness, pale skin and bluish lips, until unconsciousness. If it occurs, immediately check the victim’s breathing and pulse. Do CPR if necessary. If the victim is unconscious but is breathing, position his body sideways.

If the patient is conscious, loosen his clothes and keep his body warm. Try to keep the patient calm and avoid consuming more drugs. If you experience a seizure, position the victim’s body on the floor. Call medical attention immediately, to avoid being more fatal. Including protecting your safety, because some drugs can cause violent behavior unpredictably.