Types of Stress We Need to Know

Stress is a condition or condition in which a person experiences a burden of mind and mental that can affect a person’s body condition. To learn more about stress, click here. Stress itself is divided into two types, namely:

Eustress – It Is a type of stress, where the stress that arises will cause someone to want to do something better and does not cause negative effects or often also known as positive stress.

Distress – Often known as negative stress. This is the stress that is often avoided by people because it will cause the body and mental conditions to become worse and can lead to depression.

A person’s stress level is rather difficult to measure because it has different parameters for each person. Usually, when experiencing stress, according to the condition of his body, a person will likely experience the following:

Do not focus on doing activities
Perform actions that violate the norm

Factors that cause the emergence of stress on a person are known as stressors. Usually, stressors can arise from a variety of situations and conditions. Many people are not even aware of, whether the activities that they do are a form of stressor or not.