Know How Beneficial Joining The Union Is

Trade unions are a place/institution for gathering workers to think and spend opinions related to the rights and interests of workers in a democratic manner as well as a place for discussion of workers in order to increase productivity for the advancement of the company. Besides that in labor unions, workers can learn leadership. Of course in terms of fighting for workers’ interests technically it is set in the Articles of association and bylaws of the trade unions. To get the unions that can understand all your desire and needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Facket guiden or simply do the online research on its site.


The benefits of forming or joining together as members of a trade union are clearly very directly in touch with the conditions of the workers. The benefits are as follows:

– Establish communication between workers and workers who in fact have similar interests and equal rights.

– Obtain advocacy or defense from problems that are detrimental to workers if the employer or leader takes action that is not in accordance with the rules of employment set out in the Act.

– Move together to fight for the interests or rights of workers. Where the conditions are very different if the struggle for rights is done individually by doing it together.

– There is no difficulty in terms of communication to employers/company leaders, because there are trade union managers who will accommodate interests in accordance with statutory regulations.

Do you know? In some cases, the worker with the union joB who has more seniority might receive preference for an open job. Besides that, the seniority is also another factor in determining who will get the promotion. In simple words, the idea is that seniority eliminates favoritism in the workplace. Even though the rules vary among the agreements of collective bargaining, yet in the event of layoffs, the workers get require to stop the most recent hires first and the ones with the most seniority last which is also called as the last hired.