The importance of Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management or more commonly referred to as CRM is a corporate strategy to establish relationships with customers, and provide the best service for each customer. Maybe for some companies that are just developing and developing rarely have attention to this, even though CRM is something that can make a bond between customers and your business. On the other, hand, go to to get simple numbers so your clients can call your company easier.

Some of you might ask, what’s the importance of CRM?

In my opinion, CRM is a very important thing, and if we can run the CRM function appropriately then we will easily get new customers and be able to retain existing customers to keep subscribing with us.

then is there a possibility that the 100% customer will subscribe to our product again?

Regarding this 100% possibility, I can’t guarantee it. Because to my knowledge so far, the largest number of customers will extend or buy our products again at 90%. The reason is very diverse, starting from the taste of each person is different, because there is the same product and the price is more affordable because the first to buy the product customer just try it.

Yes, all of that is indeed information obtained from the customer, what should we do so that our old customers will buy our products again?

My advice, use the CRM function properly. CRM is not only by giving a discount but can also be started from a small thing, for example, is to say happy birthday, happy holidays and so forth. The thing that we think is small, but for customers has a big meaning because they feel cared for.

What CRM activities make customer remind?

Every CRM activity that we do will definitely be reinvigorated by the customer. But remind is the most powerful activity related to social or hobby. But it also cannot be a definite benchmark if you only carry out these activities carelessly. So you have to prepare everything as well as possible so that at the time of the event the customer feels this is a professional organization with special packaging that is unique to your company.