Tips for maintaining the wooden windows

In tropical climates or tropical homes, it is often the problem of the home facing problems with weathering and termite attacks that may degrade the condition of the window even after the proper window installation. To keep it beautiful, you need to apply some wood window care techniques to stay durable.

To avoid moldiness, if your window material is made of wood and is often exposed to rainwater, you should choose the quality of wood with high durability, teak windows for example. The most practical step of caring for wood from weathering is to provide a final layer of paint.

The paint layer will cover the wood pores more or less so that the water does not easily absorb it. To save, coat the wooden window material with wall paint before painted with ordinary wood paint

Look for wall paint with the same color as the wood paint that you will use. After that, it was only coated with wood paint.

Meanwhile, to avoid termites, there are at least two ways you can do it. The first method is known as a preventive measure, which is to coat the wood that will be processed into a window with a special anti-worm liquid.

The second method or traditional method, such as whitening wood, can be used as an ingenious choice. Lime will give off heat which makes termites unable to live in it.